Thursday, February 17, 2011

the chicken adventure

We took the baby to a small farm where he was able to get REALLY close to a giant turkey and his women folk . He was so excited he got to hold some baby chicks . We looked at thier Chickens of all types as well as some African Guineas  and quail . Pretty fun trip he called his chicken adventure . We picked a cpl black Silkies ,3 Rhode Island Reds , 4 New Hampshire reds and a buff
We don't know if there are any roosters yet , but they assured us we can trade back any males for females . Any they will also let us bring eggs when we like and they will incubate and hatch them for us (keeping 20% of the chicks to recover electricity& food ) since we don't want  roosters

We also got 4 cute little quail

So far they will let us pet and touch them :)

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