Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Backyard Farmville Project

Part one ...Excavating and rough ideas-planning stage

We're a pretty "normal"*  Family of 5 . After much thought we've decided to give up the life of fast food convenience and complaining about high food costs as well as dangerous foods and take control over what goes into our bellies .
We have done veggie gardens off and on since 07 mostly for summer salads and fresh herbs . This year we have set the lofty goal of being 99% self sufficient by 2012 or sooner with a 50% raw diet .
for the last 2 weeks The hubz and I have worked on excavating a  terrace garden and clearing the space for a 10-15 chicken hen house , a tilapia pond , a micro green house for back Deck wheatgrass  and possibly a rabbit hutch .
Don't get me wrong, We are not pit-hair braiding hippies or anything but with the way the world is going , this is the only smart option we can think of to always be prepared.

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