Monday, March 7, 2011

Watership Down

We've got our bunny babies this morning
soooo cute ! No Don't worry .. these three will grow old and fat 
We also picked up a few Cornish Rock babies
Sadly these are intended for the freezer
But they are gonna have a very happy life til then

The Chicken Run .. keeping fat chicks in their place

We are still working on our little coop/run
It's proving a little more time consuming then we thought
The hubz is a stickler for good quality work
Which I'm sure my chubby little cluckers will appreciate

I <3<3 these chicks .. they have huge personalities so far of them still has a giant fat naked rump .. I'm not sure why .. I like to grab her and squeeze her like a stress ball .. she seems to be ok with it
even running over when she See's me coming .

I love how she (Cucco) will literally lay in front of the feed dish for hours nibbling
My other Fav McNuggets watches me . If she is in her box she peeks at me through the little window I cut for her , and if I sit in the grass she will come and hop in my lap

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Talapia pond & Chicken run

Today the menfolk worked on the Talapia pond as well as the chicken run ... not much to say at this point other then they worked SO hard from early in the morning til after dark .
while burning off yard poo . Hubz, The hermit and I moved the new , very heavy Rabbit hutch to the back of the yard . Hopefully this weekend we move it to it's final spot
Enjoy the pics

Monday, February 21, 2011

My dog I mean My Chicken Spot

After we did our new morning chores Constantine and I decided to take his Chicken " Spot" for a Walk in the Grass. Let's just say Spot was like a dog with a bone .. he had a good time pecking around .

They had a good time playing with toys , follow the leader and even a funny game of hide and go seek . I think atleast 4 of our birds are ready to go outside atleast on warm days . Spot didn't seem to happy to go back to the escape attempt came a few min later .

Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a peep peep morning !

Bright and Early and the boys are already up and feeding/playing with the " peeps "
The baby is really enjoying holding and petting Spot his personal Rhode Island red

We are feeding them medicated Chick food so they have a good start ...We've been warned that we may lose one but it happens .
So Far so good , that are all pretty lively and playful

Also this morning we worked a little more on the garden

Thursday, February 17, 2011

the chicken adventure

We took the baby to a small farm where he was able to get REALLY close to a giant turkey and his women folk . He was so excited he got to hold some baby chicks . We looked at thier Chickens of all types as well as some African Guineas  and quail . Pretty fun trip he called his chicken adventure . We picked a cpl black Silkies ,3 Rhode Island Reds , 4 New Hampshire reds and a buff
We don't know if there are any roosters yet , but they assured us we can trade back any males for females . Any they will also let us bring eggs when we like and they will incubate and hatch them for us (keeping 20% of the chicks to recover electricity& food ) since we don't want  roosters

We also got 4 cute little quail

So far they will let us pet and touch them :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Backyard Farmville Project

Part one ...Excavating and rough ideas-planning stage

We're a pretty "normal"*  Family of 5 . After much thought we've decided to give up the life of fast food convenience and complaining about high food costs as well as dangerous foods and take control over what goes into our bellies .
We have done veggie gardens off and on since 07 mostly for summer salads and fresh herbs . This year we have set the lofty goal of being 99% self sufficient by 2012 or sooner with a 50% raw diet .
for the last 2 weeks The hubz and I have worked on excavating a  terrace garden and clearing the space for a 10-15 chicken hen house , a tilapia pond , a micro green house for back Deck wheatgrass  and possibly a rabbit hutch .
Don't get me wrong, We are not pit-hair braiding hippies or anything but with the way the world is going , this is the only smart option we can think of to always be prepared.