Monday, March 7, 2011

The Chicken Run .. keeping fat chicks in their place

We are still working on our little coop/run
It's proving a little more time consuming then we thought
The hubz is a stickler for good quality work
Which I'm sure my chubby little cluckers will appreciate

I <3<3 these chicks .. they have huge personalities so far of them still has a giant fat naked rump .. I'm not sure why .. I like to grab her and squeeze her like a stress ball .. she seems to be ok with it
even running over when she See's me coming .

I love how she (Cucco) will literally lay in front of the feed dish for hours nibbling
My other Fav McNuggets watches me . If she is in her box she peeks at me through the little window I cut for her , and if I sit in the grass she will come and hop in my lap

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